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Media production

Fantacore Media delivers the solutions according to your company's specific needs, when it comes to print, audio/visual, as well as new media. Our specialty are custom-made visual and content solutions for the client companies, providing added value in attraction, interest and originality.
The overflowing information noise of our time requires even more contribution to be able to stand out from the crowd. The high quality of design and content production becomes the number one issue concerning a brand or an image, no matter if it's about a product or a service.

In our use are the awarded and acknowledged experts of their field, with who it's possible to fulfill even the most demanding requirements and needs for design and content production. With efficiency.

Our satisfied customers include publishers, advertising companies, production companies, TV, as well as organizations, industry and service. Different possibilities include content for magazines, DVD, AV-presentations, custom-made 'theme' -comics for magazines and organizations, still- animation- and web -graphics, cartoon, sound-design, music production, animation and illustrations for company presentations, carried out in different styles and techniques. Only imagination is the limit for the possibilities.