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Book products & Custom-made comics

The possibilities of comics are practically limitless, and these days those possibilities are being recognized and used even more versatile ways. Among ready products Fantacore Media offers 'custom-made' comics that can be effectively used as both entertaining and informative content.
Comics can be utilized as a means of expression in various ways, no matter if it's about healthcare, sports, industry, service, fashion or interior design. You name it..
For an example, our present comic productions include:

- Ajatuskatko (Suomen dementiahoitoyhdistys)
- Leikkimökin sankarit (Upperline Oy)
- Leikkuri (The Finnish Association of Nurse Anesthetists)
- Shredneck Joe (Egmont)

- Hammaslekurit (Suomen hammaslääkäriliitto)
-Moomin (Egmont/ Kirjalito)


Fantacore Media's own book publication is also focused on comics.

- The Kalevala Graphic Novel

The awarded graphic novel adaptation of the Finnish national saga and great world literature epic 'The kalevala' is now available as a US.English translation.

More information (English edition)

Finnish edition

- Oni Kudaki (1) - The Magician and the Ghost Boy

The first manga comic publication in Finnish/Japanese co-production (size A4).
Oni Kudaki combines the old Japanese Kwaidan -stories and mythical legends with skillful drawing which takes its influence from Hokusai and other Ukiyo-e masters of old Japan.

Review (Jadesoturi/ Oni Kudaki), Aamulehti (in Finnish)

Read more (Book 1)

Oni Kudaki 2 - The Nightless City

Read more (Book 2)

Review (Oni Kudaki 2), Aamulehti (in Finnish)

Kalevala Graphic Novel
-Deluxe-Leather Covers-

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Oni Kudaki trailer (2:48)


- Kreivi Crapulan kauhukabinetti -
ja muita kertomuksia

(Finnish edition only)

This 15-year anniversary collection comic book contains a rare selection of Huitula's short, mostly previously unpublished comics strories from 1995-2009.
it's an impressive showcase of the author's versatility in mastering various different comics styles.

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