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Fantacore Media's specialty is high-quality drawn animation that can be realized in various styles and techniques, from detailed and realistic to humorous cartoon style. Different possibilities vary from small mobile and web-animation to state-of-the-art TV- and advertising animation.
Fantacore Media also delivers storyboards, production- and character designs.

Vivaldi's Presto - animated music video (3'57)

Written, directed and animated, Vivaldi arrangement ( The Four Seasons ), programming, recording and guitar:
Kristian Huitula
Director of photography for video: Juha Simola
Fairy models: Kanako Matsui, Karoliina Yläjoki, Meri Sakaitani
Special thanks to:
Mikko kunnas, Carita Forsgren ( Tampere Polytechnic/Art and Media ), The City of Tampere, The Pirkanmaa Arts Council, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Arata Iwashina, Hiromasa Ogura, and all the other great people at Production I.G, and Omnibus promotion Inc. ( Tokyo ) for the amazing time in '99 and 2000.

- Presto on the national TV 1 in April 2005, 10:45 pm-
- Presto at movie theater Niagara, Tampere March 12th.2005
- Presto at Lahti art museum Jan 26th.-April 22nd.2007 (Kuvia ja kuplia)
- Presto in YouTube: